Joe Sinnott for Inkwell Awards



Third oil painting. The legendary Joe Sinnott for the cover of the 6th Annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge Book, from the Inkwell Awards, to be released later this summer.

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 Men of War #15, 1979

Two page war story for DC Comics. A thoughtful digression from battle. A towering figure lends consideration for a weary soldier, that transcends conventional military discipline.

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scan-sentry-restore-sm RCO018_1464690135-print

Yellowed image shows the pages didn’t fare well in storage and need restoration.
Both pages: $1200. Inquire.


Donovan Flint | Star Hunters

In the fall of 1977, I penciled one issue (#3) of a new sci-fi series for DC Comics, created by David MicheleneDon Newton and Bob Layton titled Star Hunters. The cover and a panel from that issue appear below.

40 years later, this recent commission of Donovan Flint, lead protagonist. 13″x 20″, India ink and Gesso.



Bjorn Borg | 1977


Soon after finishing this Bjorn Borg color spread for Crawdaddy Magazine in the summer of 1977, I took a long break from comics and never saw the issue published. Just found an affordable copy on Ebay.

At about 22 years old when it was done, barely 2 years into  professional work, I remember delivering the large art to Crawdaddy, whose offices were in the same building as Marvel’s . Jim Starlin was in the lobby, leaving the building and asked if there’s new art on the board I’m carrying. I showed it to him and he thought for a second and said: “You’re too good for comics.” I didn’t think so but appreciated the compliment.