Welcome to MichaelNetzer.com

I drew Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man comic books for DC and Marvel in the 1970’s. Moved to Israel and diversified into design and print production, drawing sporadic comics in the 1980’s. Continued into digital art, web design and animation, and some more comic book art in the 1990’s. Unmoved by all that, I got a little loud on the internet with the dawn of the century.

As a child I was a dreamer…and never got over it.

Later, I became a willful conspirator with floundering systems…but I got over that.

When I’m not busy drawing, designing or writing, I spend a good part of my life with people in the outdoors; flirting with notions; telling stories along the countryside and beaches; courting the winds of our steamroller times.

But I have a plan.
mn_sig_whiteBiography on Wikipedia.

Previous MichaelNetzer.com websites have been archived.

They are now stored on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and remain available through the main menu links (Websites, Galleries and Writings).

If you’ve arrived here through a specific content link to a previous site, you can access it by entering the link address into the search field at the top of the archive home page and choosing one of the more recent snapshots of that page stored there – or by navigating from the menu/Websites.  If you’re still having trouble finding a specific link, contact me through the menu/Contact form.

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