Joe Sinnott for Inkwell Awards



Third oil painting. The legendary Joe Sinnott for the cover of the 6th Annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge Book, from the Inkwell Awards, to be released later this summer.

From my early acquaintance with Joe, during the first days at Marvel in late 1975, I was drawn into the out-pour of kindness and cheer that seemed to flood the Marvel Bullpen whenever he visited. Considering the staggering amount of inking he’s done over his career, that set new standards in comics embellishment of that time, and was instrumental to the rise of Marvel Comics in the 1960’s, little can be better than seeing fandom’s continued adoration for this beloved and talented creator.

Joe Sinnott has become the flagship standard for the inking craft at the Inkwell Awards. Many thanks To Bob Almond for the confidence to go with a somewhat newbie painter for the cover of this landmark 10th anniversary volume.

It’s an inspiring subject and purpose. The paintings are becoming a little faster to finish, but it remains a steep learning curve. Looking forward to the next one.

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