Cathie Martin


Flying on Broken Wings is Cathie Martin’s latest book of poems, which finally arrived after a few UPS detours. Produced and designed by Scotland based husband and caregiver Chow Martin, founder and operator of Dark Angels Productions, who also dedicates himself to Cathie’s ability to create, with art and words, and give something back to the generous world he maintains for her. Chow introduces us to Cathie’s inspiring life story, overcoming the limitations and despair of wheelchair confinement, since contracting Multiple Sclerosis at age 16.

The poems are raw and powerful, not laden with the subtlety of most such writings. Cathie is candid, direct and simple. She seems more concerned with the raw ideas than a polished embellishment that can distract from them.

The following example is but a taste of the appetizing treats she serves in this book:


A wall I am
A wall I be
I have no will
I’m a barrier you see

I will stop you cold
If you dare climb
A fall awaits you
A sudden decline

Respect my bricks
My mortar too
I have a job to do
Looking after you

Readers sensing political undertones to A WALL might want to endure a little disappointment – and order “Flying on Broken Wings” from the publisher – to discover the wonderful personal context of Cathie Martin’s poems. Based on the thrust of the entire book, it’s safe to say that the author, in this piece, comes face to face with her own wall – that might certainly limit her life experiences, yet also protects her from her own vulnerabilities.

Thank you Cathie and Chow for the wonderful and moving gift.





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