The original Ms. Mystic


A few friends have suggested I produce Ms. Mystic the way I would’ve done it had Neal Adams not taken it over.  One even suggested a name that I’d also thought of. Because the result diverted away from how I’d originally seen the character, I’ve been thinking about doing such a thing almost since the project began in late 1976.

Over the last few years, since realizing the extent that Neal has went to in order to cover up his commandeering of a shared property, and the extent to which he’s maligned and defamed me in the process, I’ve done some sketches and began writing the history and events that produce this type of character.

Conditions, however are not ripe for putting myself behind such a project. There is also a concern that once done, it could be said that Neal has his version and I have mine. Which is not true.

Neal has no version that’s his. The version he did is a theft of my work. He’s tried to destroy me and my work in order to cover it up. No need to water that down with multiple versions. So as much fun as it would be to run with something like this, it’ll remain a whim for the time being.

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